What our customers say ....

Thank you very much for the batch of leads and for the high level of service.
I am very impressed by your ability to heat up and educate the potential clients – you truly made my work much easier. Thank you for that! Also, thank you for jumping in every time to confirm incorrect contact details, and for going the extra mile.
Hendri Massyn
Senior Financial Adviser | Momentum
“The appointments that were sent through to us proved to be successful and we managed to close business with these.
I found your system to be efficient and it certainly works, probably the best that I have come across.
Paul Kafentzis
I’ve known Di and her husband , Rob , for many years. They own and manage a company providing appointments. Last month I bought 10 appointments from them for R 4 700. My return was R 55 000.
They have a very solid replacement policy as well.
I have been using DP Marketing to make my appointments for 9 years, and have built up an excellent client base through their appointments.
Thanks for the excellent appointments
DP Marketing is a tremendous help with expanding my client base for my business. As a financial adviser I get in contact with various clients that makes it easier to get in front of clients and to sell financial products. They don’t have any hassles to replace appointments that doesn’t want the type of service I offer.
I have been using DP Marketing for a couple of years and I can recommend their professional service! Thanks to Robbert and Di Heath and their team.
Louis Adendorff
I have used numerous marketing companies to make my appointments, but never of this standard.
Well done